How Frustrated Dieters Who Are Sick of Poor Results are Shedding 20lbs of Fat in Only 8-Weeks

And Why The Fitness Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About It

I want to take a minute to tell you about a friend of mine, Mark.


Mark was overweight, unhappy, embarrassed by his body and ashamed of what he saw in the mirror. 


He wanted to lose weight and get rid of the rolls of fat that sat on his gut but no matter what he tried, he wasn’t having any luck. 


And he’d tried everything... 


  • Joining a weight-loss club.

  • Following a low carb (keto) diet.

  • Working out and lifting heavy weights.

  • Doing HIIT, Spin and other high-intensity workouts. 

  • Giving up alcohol and living like a monk

  • He’d even tried those meal replacement shakes, but they just gave him diarrhoea.


And despite all his hard work, his efforts and the amount of time he’d spent trying to get the body of his dreams he just couldn’t see results


Which left him sad, tired, exhausted, angry and feeling like being in shape, and having a body to be proud of wasn’t for him. 


I’m sure you know the feeling. 


You hear that all you need to do is ‘eat less and move more’ yet no matter what, you just can’t seem to get results. 


You join a weight loss club… but it only makes you feel ashamed when you get on the scales in front of everyone, only to see a tiny 1 pound loss. 


Or you give up alcohol and try eating clean…


But you quickly realise that having no social life and being the boring one in the group that never goes out is more painful than carrying around those extra pounds.


It makes you wonder how other people can eat what they want without putting any weight on. 


While you’ve only got to look at a slice of cake and you gain 5lbs. 


It’s just not fair. 


You’re desperate to change your body, you want to feel more confident in your clothes and you’re sick and tired of feeling self-conscious when you’re out with your friends and family... 


Yet whatever you try just doesn’t work. 


Well listen up, because what I’m about to tell you next is very important. 

If You Carry On Following Mainstream Fitness Advice You’ll Never Shift That Fat From Your Body!

See, the fitness industry has been lying to you and telling you things that not only don’t work, but could be actively destroying your metabolism and making you gain weight instead of losing it. 


They use starvation tactics that make you lose muscle, not fat, which leaves you weak, hungry and with the same problem areas you had before. 


Or they tell you that the only way to lose weight is by destroying your body with extreme workouts that leave you sore, bruised and struggling to walk. 


But If you pay very close attention to what I’m about to tell you.


I can show you how you can blast up to 20lbs of fat from your body in as little as 8 weeks. 


And how you can do it without following an extreme diet or killing yourself in the gym 7 days a week. 


I’ll get to that in a minute, but first, let me tell you a little about who I am and why you should listen to me. 

How A Skinny, Weak, Gangly Kid Discovered The Secret To Destroying Stubborn Fat

My name's Reza and I guess you’re wondering who I am and what makes me qualified to talk about diets, fat loss and body transformations. 

Well, the first thing you should know about me is that I’m not some Instagram fitness influencer who spends more time posting shirtless selfies than I do actually training clients. 


But here’s what I AM…


A guy who knows what it’s like to spend years trying to improve your body, only to be left stuck, angry and confused by all the misinformation out there. 


As a kid, I was small, weak and embarrassed by my body. 


I had gangly arms, small muscles, a weak chest and the thought of taking my shirt off terrified me more than filling in for Anthony Joshua’s punch bag at practice. 


I trained relentlessly as I tried to change my body, but my results were barely noticeable and from looking at me, you couldn’t tell I worked out. 


I figured I was one of those people who wouldn’t see results, no matter what I tried and that anyone who got great results in the gym did so because they were genetically gifted. 


But just when I was ready to pack it all in and quit the gym forever, I got talking to a guy at my gym called Dariush. 


Dariush was well into his 50’s, but barely looked a day over 35, and he had the type of muscle definition that lets you know he was serious about his training. 


But what shocked me the most about Dariush, wasn’t his chiselled physique, or how much he could lift…


What shocked me the most is that a year earlier Dariush had been 100lbs heavier and was clinically obese.


I didn’t believe him, and if you saw him, you wouldn’t either. 


But when he showed me a picture of himself 100lbs heavier, holding a newspaper with the date clear to see…


I had no other option but to listen to what this guy had to say. 


Especially when he told me that my lack of results wasn’t my fault…


And that actually, the fitness industry was to blame for my constant failures. 

3 Reasons Why Mainstream Fitness Advice Is Trying To Make You A Failure

As Dariush explained to me there are three main reasons why most people don’t get the results they want when they’re trying to change their body. 


1. Beat Up, Bruised and Craving Calories


A lot of trainers and fitness programmes promote full-throttle exercise, which leaves you aching for days and your body craving calories.


Think of it like a dry sponge that’s been left out in the sun. If it's completely dry, it soaks up all the water the moment it gets some, and that’s what your body does - If you push it too hard. 


Your muscles are left drained and craving energy, which means it's primed to absorb calories. 


This causes you to over-eat, and gain fat, the very opposite of what you’re trying to do. 

2. Restriction-Binge effect


Extreme diets such as keto, intermittent fasting or meal replacement shakes make you eat way less than you should, often eliminating entire food groups in the process. 


You’re given a meal plan with no bread, no pasta, and nothing with taste and while it works initially, there’s only so much you can take of these super boring, restrictive diets. 


What happens next is probably an all too familiar feeling ... You binge. 


Maybe not straight away, maybe not all at once, but you start to indulge in everything that you deprived yourself of.


And you end up regaining the weight you lost, and a little extra to go with it. 


3. Zero education 


Most fitness programmes and diet clubs don’t teach you anything about your body, nutrition or how to maintain the results that you worked so hard for. 


See the truth is, if you’re successful, you don’t need them anymore, and that’s not good for their business model. 


So they purposefully exclude vital information about diet and exercise, which leads to something known as the 'rebound effect’. 


It’s the process of having to start all over again, and whether you’ve lost weight, or built muscle, you’ll soon see your results start to slip.


It forces you to go back to the person who helped you in the beginning and these businesses thrive off it!


As I listened to Dariush speak it all started to make sense. 


But the most important part is what came next... 


He introduced me to a system that was guaranteed to help me get the results I’d been searching for. 


Something so easy to follow anyone could do it...


Something which worked just as well, whether you’re trying to lose 5lbs or 50!


And the best part is, it didn’t rely on over-the-top exercise programmes or restrictive meal plans to make it work. 

The Simple Three-Step System The Fitness Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About!

Dariush explained that when he first started trying to lose weight he followed a programme based around boring cardio sessions and a restrictive meal plan.

And although he did have some success and he lost a few pounds, he hated every second of it and he knew he wouldn’t see it through.


But then he discovered the easy-to-use system that I’m about to share with you and everything changed for him


The system, known as M.E.T, is so simple to follow it’s hard to believe more people don’t know about it. 


It can be easily broken down into 3 equally important parts. 

1. Macros - You probably know that to lose weight or build muscle you need to eat better.


But what most people don’t know is there’s no such thing as “good” or “bad” foods. 


Your body doesn’t care where your food comes from. And it can’t tell the difference between a free-range, organic chicken breast or a Chicken Sandwich from Mcdonalds. 


What your body does care about is the macronutrients (macros) inside the food…


... and whether or not you’re getting the right amount for your body. 


Macros are the breakdown of proteins, carbs and fats in your foods and they contribute to the overall calories you consume. 


If you were to try and stick to ‘clean foods’ but you ate more calories than your body needs, you’d gain weight. 


Plus depriving yourself of things you like would also lead to problems 2 and 3 above. 


But if you were to eat most of your calories from ‘clean foods’ and the rest from the things you like (ice cream, biscuits, even a beer)... 


You’d still lose weight, and you’d find it much easier to stick to your diet. 


Using this method drastically changes the way you eat and most importantly, it means you don’t have to cut your calories dangerously low or eliminate entire food groups from your diet. 


Instead, you focus on the macro breakdown of any food that you eat and as long as the numbers match up, you’ll easily lose weight. 


2. Education - Health and fitness is a multi-billion pound industry. 


As you’ve already discovered, a lot of that comes from repeat customers suffering from the ‘bounce back’ effect, where they lose weight initially, but when they stop following the programme, they regain all their weight and have to keep starting over. 


That’s why the second principle of M.E.T is education.


The idea is simple. You spend one hour each week learning about health and fitness. 


You don’t have to become an industry expert or make it your full-time job…


But your goal is to learn enough that you know how to train effectively — and most importantly, so you know how to keep your results once you’ve got them.


Some coaches want to keep clients hanging on. They don’t want to empower their clients to make changes on their own, which is an awful way to coach.


That’s why improving your education is so important.   


3. Tactile Training - The third step is simple but probably the most controversial.


When you follow the M.E.T principle, you should keep your gym sessions to under an hour and you shouldn’t be doing anything too extreme.


If your workout leaves you sore for days on end, you’ve done it WRONG. 


Sure, when you try a new exercise there’s going to be some muscle soreness, something referred to as DOMS…


But you shouldn’t experience this every time you train, and you shouldn’t be leaving your body so beat up that you’re always sore and achy afterwards. 


Now I’ll be the first to admit, when I first heard this I didn’t quite believe it was true because frankly, it just seemed too easy. 


I’d spent years training and following what I thought was good advice.

And here this guy was telling me to eat more of what I liked…


To train a little easier…


And to give up an hour of my time to enhance my expertise (instead of exercise). 


But what happened next convinced me I was on the right path and made me believe in this simple 3-step system. 


You see, I used it and got better results than I ever had before


And it was at that moment that I knew, I had to find a way to share this with others.

My Mission To Help A Thousand People

Training this way and following the M.E.T system gave me a new lease of life.


And when I saw how easily results came, I knew I had to share this system with other people... 


So the first thing I did was gain my qualification as a personal trainer. 


It made sense because I’d always been active, and I loved to train. 


But I also knew that I wanted to be different. 


I didn’t want to be a standard, run of the mill trainer who gave out generic meal plans and beasted my clients with HIIT workouts. 


I wanted to help people, and I mean truly help people. 


I knew how powerful the M.E.T system was…


And I knew that if I could pass this knowledge on to more people, they could see real results — for life.


I told myself that I wanted to help a thousand people using this system, and that’s where

Zero to Hero 8 was born. 

Join Zero To Hero 8, The Signature Fat-Loss & Tone up Training Programme


Molly           Weight loss: -18lbs       Cm loss: -24 cms

Pedro (3).png

Ellie           Weight loss: -13.2lbs        Cm loss: -18 cms

Khalid 2.jpg

Khalid           Weight loss: -11lbs       Cm loss: -20 cms

Pedro (2).png

Sofia           Weight loss: -4.4lbs        Cm loss: -5 cms

Who Else Wants To Blast Fat From Their Body And Boost Their Self-Confidence In Only 8-Weeks?

I wanted to show people that it IS possible to get great results without starving themselves or following crazy workouts that destroy their bodies.


And although I had a lot of success working in the gym and helping people face-to-face, I found it wasn’t enough. 


I needed a way to help more people and to make a bigger impact at once.


That’s when I came up with the idea for Zero To Hero 8 (Z2H8). 


It’s an 8-week online group training programme where I take people who are sick and tired of not being happy with what they see in the mirror…


... and help them to lose weight in only 8-weeks using the M.E.T system for training. 


Here’s how it works …


When you join Z2H8 I’ll have some questions to help me learn more about you, so I can design the perfect plan to fit your needs. 


We’ll run through an essential checklist, covering aspects like -


  • Where you train - Do you have access to a gym or will you train at home?

  • What you eat - What foods do you love/hate and do you have any dietary requirements?

  • Your starting point - Are you a gym regular that isn’t getting results or are you brand new to fitness? 

  • Your goals  - Losing weight is great, do you want to get stronger too?  


And I use that information to help me personalise your Z2H8 experience.


Your training programme will be bespoke to you and your goals, making it the ideal way to drop body fat and change your physique. 


You’ll get access to the Z2H8 meal planner and I’ll teach you how to take control of your nutrition, so you can still enjoy the foods you love.


Once you’re in the programme, the live webinars I host will be catered around the questions you have about health and fitness, and the knowledge you need to know to make sure you keep your results long term...


And you’ll gain access to the private Z2H8 support group, which is the extra thing you need to help you succeed. 


Through the group, you’ll get extra accountability and support to help you stay on track, plus regular contact and check-ins from me...


And with the help of the amazing Z2H8 resources and weekly mindset activities…


You’ll have everything you need to be successful.


It’s proven that we get better results when we’re surrounded by like-minded people who are working towards the same goal as us... 


And that’s why the Z2H8 support group is the perfect community to help you stay on track. 


To top it all off you’ll also get access to your own private account on my coaching app, where you can find all your information for the course, including your workouts, the meal planner and other resources you may need. 


If you’ve tried every fad diet out there but not lost weight…


If you’re done with starting over, again, for what seems like the hundredth Monday in a row…


Or if you’ve been going to the gym and trying to get in shape but you’re spinning your wheels without any real success…


Z2H8 is for you. 


Here’s what else you can expect from Z2H8:


  • Drop inches and change your body shape, without spending hours in the gym training like a professional athlete. 


  • Discover how to eat more of the foods you like and enjoy, while losing fat (or building muscle) faster than ever before.


  • How to train for maximum results, with easy-to-follow (fully-personalised) training plans that you can be done at home, or in the gym. 


  • Develop stronger, firmer, more defined muscles with the body-friendly exercise plan that doesn’t leave you feeling sore, bruised and in pain for days. 


  • Boost your energy levels by eating real foods, and discover how to nourish your body, not deprive it — with the help of your simplified personal meal planner.

Get immediate access to Z2H8 Now


Nina           Weight loss: -29lbs       Cm loss: -47 cms


Zoe           Weight loss: -15.4lbs       Cm loss: -16 cms


Nina           Weight loss: -20lbs       Cm loss: -37 cms


Amelia           Weight loss: -18lbs       Cm loss: -23 cms

See How Easy Dropping Pounds and Burning Fat Really is with Z2H8

I know what you’re thinking, there are so many fitness plans out there, so why trust this one?


And you know what, I completely understand.


There’s so much bad advice out there that it’s only natural to be sceptical that this time will be different. 


But to ease your mind, here’s how people just like you have done with the Z2H8 programme. 


“I'm so pleased with my progress. I wish I could say it was hard work but you have made its so manageable Reza, and the support from everyone else in this group has been overwhelming..” 

—  Zoe

Get immediate access to Z2H8 Now

How Much Would You Pay For A Proven Fat-Loss System That Can Help You Blast 20lbs of Fat From Your Body In Only 8-Weeks?

The question on your lips…


How much does it cost? 

Let me put it to you this way. 


If we trained together in the gym, 3 times a week for the full 8 week period it’d cost you just shy of £1000 (£960 to be exact).  


That’s less than you’d spend on a fancy new iPhone or about half the price of an expensive spin bike…


And even at that price, it’d be totally worth it. 


Can you imagine being lighter, stronger, and healthier…


While having increased self-confidence, higher-self esteem and simply being happier in your everyday life…


Plus knowing exactly HOW to keep your results for the rest of your life for that cheap? 


But wait, there’s more. 


I’m not JUST offering an 8-week course full of personalised coaching sessions and nutritional advice.


Because by taking action now, you’ll also get access to all of this at the same time. 


  • Macro-friendly meal planner - Create your own personalised meal plans and get access to a huge database of easy-to-cook, high-quality meals that taste great, at the tap of a button. (Valued at £95)


  • The social occasion playbook - A night out shouldn’t ruin your progress, and with this comprehensive playbook, you’ll discover exactly HOW to get in the best shape of your life, while still having a social life.  (Valued at £49). 


  • Healthy Recipe guide - Need to whip something up in a hurry? Consider this recipe book your cheatsheet for healthy eating. (Valued £19). 


  • 8 weeks of live webinars with focussed Q&A sessions - Each week you’ll learn something new about health and nutrition, arming you with the knowledge you need to keep your results for life. (Valued at £792)



  • 8 Weeks of private group support with check-ins and accountability - It’s proven that we get better results when we’re surrounded by like-minded people who are working towards the same goal as us. In Z2H8, you’ll get access to an interactive support group to help you stay on track with your goals. (Valued at £97). 


  • 8 weeks of self-assessment and habit training - In the Z2H8 programme, we encourage personal growth. Learn how to build impenetrable willpower and strong daily habits to accelerate your results. (Valued at £497). 


That brings the total value of everything to just over £2500…


But when you sign up today you can get access to the entire Z2H8 programme for only £125. 

Sign Up For Z2H8 now!
Next Programme Starts June 28th

Pedro (1).png

Khalid           Weight loss: -25lbs       Cm loss: -25 cms


Emi           Weight loss: -24.2lbs       Cm loss: -36 cms

Pedro (4).png

Matt           Weight loss: -13.2lbs       Cm loss: -9 cms


Pedro        Weight loss: -11.2lbs       Cm loss: -11 cms

Is Being Slimmer, Fitter And Stronger Something You Really Want To Do?

If you’re serious about having a fitter, stronger, healthier body can you really afford to miss out on an offer like this? 


The way I see it, you’ve got two options - 


Option 1 is to close this page, go back to doing what you’ve tried before, feel frustrated that you’re not seeing results and get MAD that you didn’t get this offer when it was available the first time. 

You’ll spend 2 more months getting miserable as you spend your time NOT getting results while others are dropping body fat... 


Then you’ll come back here in 2 months (when I’ve likely increased the price) to give it a go.


Option 2 is the smart choice. 


You decide that you’re sick and tired of not seeing results following fad diets and cookie-cutter exercise programmes and you decide that you finally want a guaranteed way to blast fat from your body…


And to keep it off. 


So you invest in your health and happiness right now. 


The choice is yours. 


As a final reminder, here’s what you get when you join Z2H8. 


  • 8 Weeks of personalised online coaching sessions that you can do in the gym or at home, with whatever equipment you have. (Valued at over £960).


  • 8 weeks of live webinars with focussed Q&A sessions so you know exactly what to do to keep your results for life. (Valued at £792)


  • 8 Weeks of private group support with check-ins and accountability to help you stay on track with your goals. (Valued at £97). 


  • 8 weeks of self-assessment and habit training to encourage personal growth, build impenetrable willpower and strong daily habits to accelerate your results. (Valued at £497). 


  • Macro-friendly meal planner, giving you access to a huge database of easy-to-cook, high-quality meals that taste great, at the tap of a button. (Valued at £95)


  • The social occasion playbook that shows you HOW to get in the best shape of your life, while still having a social life.  (Valued at £49). 


  • Healthy Recipe guide that you can use as your cheatsheet for healthy eating. (Valued £19). 


That brings the total value of everything to just over £2500…


But you can get access to the entire Z2H8 programme for only £125


That’s a saving of over £2375!

Sign Up For Z2H8 now!
Next Programme Starts June 28th


Rose           Weight loss: -26lbs       Cm loss: -27 cms


Laura           Weight loss: -17lbs       Cm loss: -19 cms



Got questions? 


GREAT - it shows you truly care about your results. 


If you’re wondering about anything, I’ve answered a list of the most commonly asked questions below. 


How is the Z2H8 delivered?

Z2H8 is an online group training programme and once you sign up you’ll get access to your own private account on my coaching app. Everything you need will be saved in your account, including your workouts, nutrition plan, and any additional resources.


How many weeks is the programme?

Z2H8 is an 8- week course, but don’t think of it that way. 


Think of it as a fitness blueprint, showing you exactly what to do to get the results you’ve always wanted (plus how to keep them long term). 


The lessons you learn inside Z2H8 will stay with you for the rest of your life. 


I’m busy and short on time, will I be able to join?

Z2H8 has been designed to fit seamlessly into anyone’s life. I’ll create your programme based on your capabilities and you’ll also receive some ‘quick win tips’ that will help you to keep making progress, even if you’re time-poor. 


Do I need to go to the gym or can I complete this at home?

Z2H8 can be completed at the gym OR from home as long as you have some basic pieces of equipment such as access to weights and one or two other small pieces of kit. But don’t worry, if you haven’t got access to much, I’ll build your workout programme around the equipment you have. 


I’m a picky eater, will the nutrition guide work for me?

The nutrition guide teaches you how to manage your nutrition properly, whatever your tastes or preferences. It’s suitable for everyone, even if you’re vegan or veggie.


One thing is for certain, you won't be stuck for choice as you will learn how to lose weight and drop the lbs while still eating your favourite foods.


How much does it cost?

You can join for only £125.


Nothing has worked for me before, will this?

Z2H8 is unlike anything else on the market and by using the M.E.T system for training, you’ll be getting an inside track to results that other fitness programmes simply can’t promise. 


Will this work for Me?

If you follow the guidelines and put the effort in, absolutely.

If you’re just going to join, and not take action, then probably not.



What type of results can I expect?

Just like above, you have the blueprint there in front of you, if you follow it you can expect to lose weight, build muscle and change your body like never before.


With that being said, most people lose between 10lbs-20lbs in Z2H8. 


Is this for me?

If you’re happy with your gym results, happy with how you look and happy with your current weight, then no, this is not for you.


However, If you’re unhappy with your current health and fitness and you don’t want to continue this way, then yes, Z2H8 is what you need. 


Even if you’ve got ok results so far and just need a little help to get over your plateau, Z2H8 can help. 


Z2H8 has been designed to help you finally change your body shape while teaching you how to make lifelong positive changes.


If you’re ready to change and you’re ready to invest in YOURSELF then this is the program for you.

Invest in Yourself and Join Z2H8 before the doors close!


Lena           Weight loss: -17.6lbs       Cm loss: -22 cms


Sarah          Weight loss: -26.4lbs       Cm loss: -30 cms

Before You Go!

I forgot to say - This offer won’t last long. 


To make sure everyone goes through the programme at the same time we’re shutting the doors at 12, noon, on FRIDAY 25th JUNE. 


Ready to start on Monday 28th JUNE. 


If you want to take advantage NOW, you need to act. 

One final thing. Let me ask you this:


How would it feel to confidentially go out with friends and family without having to worry about how you look or what you’re going to wear? 


How would it feel to pose for pictures without being self-conscious of what others might think when they see you in the image. 


And how would it feel to know that in just 8-weeks you could be living a happy, healthy, more confident life without having to go hungry or punish your body for weeks on end? 


Sound good? 


Then you know what to do. 

Join Z2H8 Now!